I have been involved in Family History research  since I arrived in the UK over 30 years ago and am particularly interested in the reasons 'why' and 'how' ancestors emigrated and the places they came from in the UK and Ireland.

Do you have questions and wish to understand where your ancestors lived in the UK/Ireland and retrace their steps to the new world?

I can help you 'travel into your past' and my services include:

  • Basic 'Ancestor Line' searches using my resources to help with your research and family tree and to save you time.
  • Help with tracing Ancestor Emigration from the UK/Ireland, ship embarkation searches, ship information.
  • Visits to a Place or Places your Ancestors Lived, Worked, Died to gather information, documentation, photos on your behalf. Customers have said how meaningful it was to receive information and pictures from the original village an ancestor came from.
  • Contact or Visit County Archives, Museums, Libraries in the UK/Ireland on your behalf if particular information requested.
  • Visits to Graveyards, Parish Churches of particular interest to your family to gather information and take photos on your behalf.
  • Organise specialised visits with you to 'Ancestral Places' significant to your family.
  • Preparation of a detailed 'Ancestral Journey' Report for your ancestors/family and a Photobook if required - see my 'Ancestral Journey' in Scotland page. This also includes the social history of the time period your ancestors e.g. lived, worked, died, emigrated.

For basic research e.g. x1 line ancestor or a more specialised visit on your behalf, research Goals will be confirmed first and a budget agreed, before any research is carried out. This will not be exceeded before consulting with you.

For an 'Ancestral Visit' with you in the UK/Ireland - based on your Goals, the Itinerary required and Hotel accomodation, a Quote will be sent and agreed. All pricing is exclusive of flights to the UK/Ireland.

Please contact me if you wish to discuss additional specialised requests - I look forward to hearing from you.

Bo Harris

Member SOG, NZ Society of Genealogists, Fife FHS, Orkney FHS, ACIM, FIBMS



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