My Ancestral DNA test Results

I hoped by taking an autosomal DNA test which covers both paternal and maternal lines, I would discover more about distant family origins in Ireland. DNA can help predict where our ancestors once lived as our DNA travels with us. A 'genetic signature' of the regions we came from around the world can be found and used to predict our 'ethnicity'. The test I took indicated Ireland and Great Britain could be identified which was of particular interest.

Results estimated my ethnicity as: 47% Ireland, 39% Europe West, 7% GB, 4% other.

I got very excited to see 47% Ireland (as the Laws' lived in Ireland many generations ago and came back to Scotland around 1850) but when I looked further, Ireland was described as a 'Region' which included Ireland/Wales/Scotland so I could not definitively say I was 47% Irish. It felt like this test had redefined the map and confused matters but the migration of populations across Western Europe to the British Isles needs to be understood. These people originated in central Europe, as far back as the Iron Age, 500 BC and the many tribes, collectively known as the 'Celts', expanded via France to England, Ireland, Scotland. The Region of Ireland to this day, remains one of the last holdouts of the unique Celtic people and ancient Celtic languages.

I now knew I was mainly Celtic which made sense but a further Y-chromosome ancestral DNA test from a male 'Law' family member could help to estimate male paternal ethnicity and narrow down our ancient Law DNA ethnic origins.

More will follow on the Law DNA story! Please comment on this Post and I will be delighted to receive any suggestions or questions.