Attic Treasures

Hidden away for over 20 years in the corner of my mother's house in Dunedin was a small brown box containing original Family History documents dating back to 1919. Lesson learnt, never stop looking folks!!

My brother and nephew found the 'treasure' by chance just before the house was sold and shared the info with me. The documents included my 'Law' grandmother's Death Certificate, Margaret Dryden, died 1 Feb 1973 and confirmed her parents names, George Dryden and Annie Thomson. The other documents were evidence my grandfather, James Knox Law was raised to 'Master Mason' on 21 Oct. 1919 (after his apprenticeship in the Lodge of St. Clair of Dysart No. 250, part of the Grand Lodge of Scotland) and then on 11 March 1920, a further document confirmed he was admitted as a 'Mark Master'. He had also signed both documents as James K Law. These predated a certificate I had for his enrolment as a 'Life Member' to the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland, 23 Nov. 1920.

It was more evidence my Grandfather was using the surname Law in 1919 before he came to NZ in 1922. If anyone has further documents they would like to share on any member of the family who came to NZ please get in touch or comment on this Post.